Concept & Cusine

Organic Crops

We have our own organic crops where closely monitor their entire development under strict quality. Our Seeds Hernum are 100% organic, free of any genetic alteration. In addition to ensure juicy and delicious grow opted for the method of earthworm which naturally replaces the use of unnecessary chemicals.


From the quality and freshness of every ingredient to the art we impress in each and every preparation, Artichoke’s Heart goes to extreme lengths to delight our customers with both local and imported products which are served immediately after they come into our hands. A relaxed, yet sophisticated environment, Artichoke’s Heart is the perfect place for business, for meeting with friends and for sharing with your loved ones - no matter what the motive for your visit is, we are always happy to serve you and our doors are always open.


It is extremely important for us to take advantage of the delicacies nature offers us. That is why our menu isn’t fixed, but, in our constant search for excellence, it varies according to the seasonal availability of top-quality products. Our menus, presented in personalized boards, list the specialties that are available at the moment. Moreover, as regards flavors, our cuisine is perfectly honest - we preserve their original qualities and enhance their characteristic virtues.

  • Meats


    All the meat we use is US-imported Prime Quality, and it is all cut and prepared in our kitchens in both classic cuts and in those of our own cookbook, offering our customers what they like best: Soft, juicy meat that practically melts in their mouths. The process we use for the perfect cooking of a meat cut is the one called “Wet Aging” which consists in vacuum-packing the cut, which seals its juices for a specific aging period and gives the meat delightful flavor and tenderness.

  • Vegetables


    We have our own organic farm, where we closely supervise the growth of our vegetables under strict quality standards and in full compliance with organic production principles and practices. We use 100% organic, genetically-unaltered Hernum seeds. Additionally, in order to ensure that we grow only full-flavored, juicy vegetables, we use earth-worm breeding techniques for soil maintenance, which is a natural replacement for the use of unnecessary chemical products

  • Seafood


    As with the rest of our menu, our seafood is brought from top sources around the world, both local and international. This way, there is live Maine lobster on the menu, as well as ice-packed (unfrozen) salmon from Chile and fresh trout from Jalisco, Mexico. The result: True delicacies like carpaccios, cebiches and other creations. In one word: Delicious!

  • Pasta


    Artichoke’s Heart offers the full variety of basic pasta kinds like lasagna, fettuccini and ravioli, all home-made on the same day our customers enjoy them, prepared with secret recipes from our unique classical Italian cookbook.

  • Cheeses and Wines


    We are proudly the official suppliers in Mexico of the delicious Parmigiano Reggiano cheese - a product with a strictly -controlled designation of origin, which is transported in barrels to be immediately prepared in each one of our restaurants. As regards our cellar, we have the largest collection of Mexican wines in the market, as well as a vast selection of international brands, both seasonal and artisanal, which surprise and entice our customers’ sense of taste in seldom-achieved ways.

  • Desserts and Bakery


    At Artichoke’s Heart we like to pamper our customers with fine desserts made especially for them by the Chef of New York’s exclusive restaurant “Le Cirque”. Additionally, we make our own gelato, the world-famous Italian homemade ice cream.